history of kmg group

History of KMG Group

KMG Group was formed through the Merger in 1998 of Killarney Plastics and its Sister Company Gloucester Composites.

The 1970s – Foundation of the Group

Killarney Plastics was formed by Anne & Con Stack on the 1st February 1973 to manufacture High Quality Composite and Fibreglass (GRP) products. At that time GRP was a new and innovative material to the Irish Market. The company manufactured a range of products including boats and building products for local people. The Company was located in a lane in the town of Killarney.

The 1980s – Growth of the business

Following its early success, a larger premises was required to service the high demand for GRP products. The company broadened its horizons and moved to a new site where it constructed a small factory in the early 1980′s. Further employment was generated in response to demand.

Although existing business thrived, the company focused on developing a range of its own products; water storage tanks and meter enclosures. The experience gained helped to develop unique manufacturing methods which laid the foundation for innovation and would later prove to be key factor in the growth of the company. The consistent manufacturing processes led to high quality products, which fuelled further growth.

The 1990s – Developing a clear strategy:

In the early 1990s the company expanded its very successful range of Water Storage Tanks and Meter Enclosures. Market development strategies saw the first export sales generated to the UK and Europe. Killarney Plastics capabilities and reputation in engineering and technical development flourished across Ireland and UK which was instrumental in being awarded contracts for both Irish and UK Utilities

A dual growth strategy was developed involving generic growth of propriety products and the acquisitions of businesses. The company put a new business plan in place to grow the business into an international leader in the composites market.

The initial phase of the business plan was the expansion into the UK Market and in 1994 Gloucester Composites was established to manufacture the companies range of products for the UK market.

1997 saw further expansion with the setting up of raw material distribution company Fibreglass Sales in Northern Ireland.

1998 Killarney Manufacturing Group (KMG) was established to integrate the experience, manufacturing capabilities and personnel of the individual companies.

1999 KMG completed its first acquisition, Technotrak which provided the Group with a platform to diversify into the design and manufacture of civil and road safety products

The end of 1999 saw KMG acquire two of the UK’s leading water tank companies Dewey Waters and Nicholson Plastics. Dewey Waters based in Bristol was formed in 1956 and Nicholson Plastics with bases in Scotland and London was formed in 1968. These acquisitions effectively doubled the size of KMG.

The 2000s – Strategy in action:

The start of the millennium saw KMG consolidate its recent acquisitions. To meet the need of continual growth a new headquarters, R&D centre and advanced manufacturing facility was constructed in Killarney

As part of KMG’s diversification strategy, the group expanded into the Environmental Sector. A new division Tricel was formed in 2002. Tricel was established to focus on the sewage treatment market, initially in Ireland and the UK and thereafter in Europe and the USA.

In 2005 KMG acquired AC Plastic Industries, a leading UK manufacturer of water and fire sprinkler tanks. AC Plastics formed in 1958 has a long tradition of supplying water tanks to the Middle East and North Africa

This decade saw KMG become the leading GRP water tank manufacturer in Europe with product sales in Europe, Africa and Asia.

2010 – 2014 The growth continues:

KMG continues to expand its customer base, markets and product range

In early 2011 KMG achieved a French Government Licence for it’s Tricel Sewage Treatment products.

In 2011 KMG opens its first mainland European factory in Poitiers, France to manufacture the Tricel range of sewage treatment products for the French market.

In 2012 KMG further diversified its product offering with the launch of KMG ProWorx premium bodyfillers. ProWorx bodyfillers are supplied to the automotive industry.

Also in 2012, Tricel received certification for its range of wastewater treatment systems in Germany. This was yet another important milestone for the Tricel brand. Tricel being only one of the few Irish and UK brands to successfully hold both French and German government licenses.

Early 2014, due to the growing success of Tricel, on the 28th of March KMG headed by its founding company Killarney Plastics will undergo a rebrand which will see companies within the groups existing structure renamed to Tricel.

Tricel is already an established name in a number of countries and the rebrand is a positive step in signifying their future success, the original Tricel brand was established in 2002 as the company expanded into new markets, and now 2014 is the perfect time to implement the rebrand so all aspects of the company can come together under a progressive new identity.

The new Tricel Brand proposition signifies the beginning of an exciting time for the group as it eyes up further expansion and strengthening of existing customer and supplier relationships.

Throughout its history, KMG has consistently responded to market challenges and opportunities with tireless innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Our proven ability to absorb, improve and generate new technologies, materials and processes has long fuelled our competitiveness and growth.

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