KMG Road Safety

A broad range of civil and road safety
products for protection of road and street
maintenance crews and pedestrians

kmg technotrak road safety products

KMG Composites

Comprehensive engineering and production
capabilities offers our clients custom
moulded solutions from design through
to product development

kmg custom moulding

Tricel Environmental Solutions

Our production and design versatility, allows us to adapt our products to meet both domestic and international standards, namely European Certification, German and French Agrément Certification


KMG Water Storage

KMG Group have sold over 450,000 water storage tanks internationally with a combined water storage capacity of 1 Billion Litres


KMG Group

KMG is a global engineering company. The Group has evolved from its beginnings as a manufacturer of GRP products into a successful multinational corporation whose operating divisions include Water Storage, Environmental, Road Safety and Composite & Building Products.

KMG has structured a unique set of distinctive capabilities, spanning from concept design to sophisticated manufacturing processes. Our proven ability to absorb, improve and generate new technologies, material and processes has long fuelled our competitiveness and growth.

Headquartered in Ireland, KMG manufacturers in 7 locations in Northern Europe, ensuring we are well positioned to service a wide customer base in over 50 countries worldwide.


With over 50 years experience in the manufacturing of composite products…

Read the history of KMG Group

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